This is a fun project for me to practice 3D modeling and Cinema 4D.
Fake food or food samples are non-edible models of food items. Originated from Japan, these models are usually used in restaurant displays to represent the available dishes. Exhibiting a collection of dessert models, Non-Edible Food Festival celebrates food design and the craftsmanship of food samples.
Three of the most favorite desserts in the world, cupcake, donut, and jelly, are put into three different snow globes. Just like those miniaturized scenes, the desserts are beautiful yet inaccessible. Saturated colors and artificial textures invite people to enjoy them as non-edible crafts rather than real food.



Jelly Poster

Donut Poster

Cupcake Poster

Festival Trailer

Cupcake Flipbook

Cupcake Flipbook

Jelly Flipbook

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