Antipodes are parts of the earth diametrically opposite to one another. The purpose of the Antipode Museum is to present the cultural contrasts between two cities which are on opposite sides of the Earth. My designs here are for the museums that would be located in Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. The museum would be underground, and its opening hours would be the same as the museum in the antipodal city. Visitors will compare two cultures through curated exhibitions, and connect with people from the other side of the world by participating in interactive activities.

Grand Opening: Poster for Tokyo (Left), Poster for Rio (Right)

Grand Opening Volunteer Cards (Left), Grand Opening Tickets (Right)

Logo Signage

Tagline Signage

Exhibition: Poster for Tokyo (Left), Poster for Rio (Right)

Exhibition: Poster for Tokyo (Left), Poster for Rio (Right)

Interactive Activity: Reaction Time

Reaction Time is an interactive experience in which one visitor from each antipodal city will watch the same trending video at the same time. A large screen in the lobby showcases the videos of various visitor interactions and reactions.

Museum Trailer

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